Spazio Libero (2020)


Spazio Libero is a project that had the purpose to document the vacuum generated by the lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic especially in the physical spaces of urban mass communication, showing the blank billboards in the streets of the city of Milan that modify the perception of the urban landscape evoking scenarios of economic and social crisis.

Winning project of REFOCUS call for entriees promoted by MIBACT in collaboration with MUFOCO and TRIENNALE Milano. Exhibition will held in 2021. 


Sole 24ore



Q-Kitchen - Photography during lockdown (2020)
A series of images I made during the lockdown’s period. They’re an ironic respresentation of what I have experience at home. A personal testimony of a collective need: to return to the simple things and to the world of values.
Selected by iD Italy online magazine


iD Italy 


  From Home (2020)

Gab Bois, Simone Rutigliano, Brianna Lance, Nicolàs Giraldo Bolivar, Luigi Morino, Clara McNair, Alessandro Bruno, Annabelle Liberati, Ilaria Bici, Giulia B., Serena Archetti, Roberta Netto, Clara S., Lilly Love, Milo Kester, Monika Lagadze, Serena Ionta, Omar Ndiaye, Veronica Pinelli, Silvia Indellicati

From Home, aims to lead behind the new order of daily lives around the world, resulting in a kaleidoscopic portrayal of people, intimate spaces and objects.
Shots captured though informal calls via Facetime and Skype accompany audio recordings of creatives sharing their experiences and musing about hopes and fears caused by the uncertainty of the future.
Interview on Metal Magazine online


Metal Magazine


The quarantine’s effects (2020)


A photographic project where ordinary objects suddenly become extra-ordinary.
A series of objects capable of taking new life and new shape.
A toaster, a barbie, a cucumber are the protagonists of impossible compositions.
The Quarantine’s effects operation becomes the active action of a photographer, a citizen, a man who is forced to review his certainties. The protagonists of the shots, inanimate objects of industry tell unknown and improbable stories that, with grotesque irony,remind us and make us reflect on the change we are
experiencing. We must be ready to live in an immediate new future.
Selected by The Steidz


The Steidz 




MILLE 970 is a project born thanks to a deep passion for the 70s aesthetics.
A continuous scouting, a travel into the era of the free expression made of bright colours and square shapes.

MILLE 970 represents three long years of research, but it’s a work in progress.

MILLE 970 “Ho comprato una 2000 invece di sposarmi negli anni ‘70” presents a series of photographs of classic and sports cars typical from the 70s to the 90s, composed of exterior and interior details with bright colors and elementary geometric shapes, characteristics of the style of that period.


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