Spazio Libero is a project that had the purpose to document the vacuum generated by the lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic especially in the physical spaces of urban mass communication, showing the blank billboards in the streets of the city of Milan that modify the perception of the urban landscape evoking scenarios of economic and social crisis.

Winning project of REFOCUS call for entriees promoted by MIBACT in collaboration with MUFOCO and TRIENNALE Milano. Exhibition held in 2021.


- Sole 24ore



Gluggaveður is a term commonly used in Iceland to describe a day that looks beautiful and sunny when you look out the window, but is actually quite windy and cold when you step outside. I saw Iceland "from the outside" observing it with the eyes of those who see it "from the inside". Still, silent and desolate. Witnesses of a human presence are the cars parked near the houses.

Finalist of @artrightsprize call promoted by ART RIGHT.
Online Exhibition held in 2020.



Timeless was taken in Snafellsnes, on the north coast of Iceland, during
one of the many trips to the north that Domingo loves to take.
A simple moment of daily life and the portrait of an individual with whom we can all relate seems to becompletely comfortable in the grandeur of the natural landscape suy
A seemingly dull moment that is warmed by the bright and intense colours of
photography. Everything seems wonderfully calm and serene: a window into daiy life, where the house,
the car, the lamp in the road, the mountains benind, give a sanse of place and non-place, in which we can recognize all the common-places of a pissible city.
A stop in time that allows us to acknowledge something already seen ande known in that man who sweeps the driveway.

2021 - REA ART FAIR Milano 2nd Edition - “Timeless”


- ReA!

Art Gallery:

- Yesdotbaby

“Don’t forget to remember” reflects on the contours of memory and its relationship with the human in an effort to visualize the presence in the absence.

POSTER D’AUTORE 2021 Limited Edition - Live exhibition 


- O E   G


Q-Kitchen - Photography during lockdown (2020)

A series of images I made during the lockdown’s period. They’re an ironic respresentation of what I have experience at home. A personal testimony of a collective need: to return to the simple things and to the world of values.

Selected by iD Italy online magazine


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